mtnImageThe Jackson-Macon Conservation Alliance J-MCA encourages those who care about the beautiful Southern Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina to join the efforts to conserve and protect them. The Highlands-Cashiers plateau is a unique ecosystem; one of the most biologically diverse on earth. Many people come here to visit or live because of the incredible splendor, yet their very presence puts this rich natural environment at risk. Pressures from growth issues to invasive species all create environmental challenges that must be addressed.

wtrflsImageJ-MCA was established in 2000, to serve as an alliance of organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural environment and cultural character of the headwater regions of western North Carolina. Over the past 10 years, J-MCA has flourished with help from donors, members, agencies, partners, board members, volunteers, and staff; much has been accomplished.

As we move into the next decade we are focusing our resources on improving our quality of life, sense of place and long-term sustainability. J-MCA will continue to collaborate through partnerships, committees, and task forces to address the needs of these fragile environs. Each year J-MCA organizes events, forums, and workshops all geared to bring awareness and knowledge to the public about sustainable issues facing this area, as well as, the region, state and nation.

We invite you to join us
as we bring people together
to develop sustainable solutions.